Faye Dewar (Founding Member - Spring 2015)
Bachelor's Degree of Indian Social Work. Worked as a Mental Health Outreach and Housing Support Worker for the Boyle Street Community Services for 7 years. Currently works as the Health Advocate at the Boyle McCauley Health Centre.  Past history includes: director on a number of boards including the Edmonton Joint Planning Committee on Housing and Homeward Trust, Centre of Rights to Equity in Accommodations, Grassroots Organization Operating in Sisterhood and the Women's Housing Equality Network.Co-Chair of the Wichitowin Circle of Shared Responsibility and Stewardship and the Chair of the Wichitowin Indigenous Housing Action Circle, representative for the Boyle McCauley Health Centre at the Edmonton Coalition of Housing. Received a Homeward Trust award for Outstanding Services for the Indigenous Community in 2009, and a Daughter’s of the Year Award in 2012.

Faye is also an entrepreneur and owner of Missing Link Home Service with her daughter. Missing Link contracts with the Workers Compensation Board (WBC), Alberta Health Services (AHS), and Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) providing specialized cleaning services including bed bug preparation and supports to individuals; home care for individuals in shelters, rooming houses, group homes and self contained units who have special needs (mental health, brain injury, addictions and behavioural issues); and specialized services to PDD to enable them to live in the community. In addition to a manager (Faye) and an assistant manager, Missing Link has 18 staff.